Imagine If There Have Been No Rules

Posted on November 2, 2015  in Blog

rulesSeveral people would head to a park or playground and play some football once I was young. When we played no one was there to “throw a flag,” to point out an infraction of the rules of football. There was usually some boisterous.

But can you imagine a soccer game, or another sport, where there were no rules? Our playground games had no rules, although some rules? No conventional? That will be utter madness.

Not just sports, but in all of life, there are standards and morals and ethics, created by an authority. And you will find likely lots of times you and I might believe the government has too many rules and regulations, but again, no standard is madness.

Infractions in addition to disputes over the “rules” in a sports game are interpreted and determined by the officials assigned to the game. In civil issues, it is handled by the court system. In the usa, the highest court is the Supreme Court.

What About God?

Is there a standard?, in regards to the Creator, God Almighty It is the Bible!

Some say God does specific things, while others say He does not. Thus, for understanding God, the standard is many times established by whoever, whenever, and whatever. And with what you consider is accurate or correct, so if one group doesn’t fit, there are plenty of other choices.

It’s nearly like as if there were all kinds of distinct standards for football games. You then see games that permit that sort of action if you believe grabbing the facemask of the opponent is okay. I know it seems kind of goofy, but is not that what Christianity kind of looks like now? On plenty of problems there seems to be a plethora of doctrines and changing opinions, all claiming to be the truth.

There are deeply committed religious people all around the world living the things they believe is the appropriate and right way before their God. There are some so extreme religious believe all others should convert or die. Others could not care less what anyone else believes and adopt the things they believe is right.

Perhaps you have considered there are actually thousands of so called “football matches” played every week on playgrounds and in parks all over the USA? They do their best to attempt to emulate the standard but obviously, on many levels they don’t. But whether it’s a pick up game in the NFL or the park, real life isn’t a game.

The Bible

In case the Bible, rightly understood, is indeed the standard then should not we be concerned about getting more understanding of what is in the Novel? Shouldn’t we strive, to the best of our ability, to what our lives teaches, to conform it?

When the Bible really is the standard God gave us, then rationally, that’s the means He decided to reveal Himself to us.

We see His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ executing and completing that plan. We see the assurances of what’s coming when Christ returns.

We detect and read the Bible isn’t an aged publication of rules, do’s and don’ts. And is not it great that when we understand, we have His standard and no longer have to think?