Welcome to The Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome.

The Friends want to save Herne Hill’s famous Velodrome and make a new start for cycling in London based on Herne Hill’s great track cycling history securing its cycling future, and raising the profile of London cycling in all its forms.

As the “Home of Track Cycling” it’s world famous, and also valued locally, and should be saved. Built in 1891 before the surrounding houses its now London’s only remaining Velodrome – a sports heritage site which hosted the 1908 and 1948 Olympic Games – and it’s under threat of closure. Southwark Council’s lease of the site from the Dulwich Estate has ended, and it has no future as a Council-run facility.

This threat has been turned into an opportunity and regeneration proposals based on a market-researched brief and business plan have been prepared by consultants for Southwark Council & British Cycling, and as a first step in their implementation an outline planning application has been submitted to Southwark’s planners.

A new perimeter track semi-cover will allow year-round use of the existing banked cycle track, and a new high quality facilities building, sensitively sited by the existing railway viaduct, will provide for complementary recreational uses including indoor climbing.

These facilities will, when completed, attract sufficient users to make it financially independent of council funding allowing management the Velodrome’s future by a financially independent Herne Hill Velodrome Trust.

The proposals are innovative but practical and they will add to the existing site’s amenity value and enhance Dulwich’s leisure facilities through appropriate low-key and small scale development. Local consultations have indicated that the project, although controversial in some quarters, is broadly welcomed by the people of Dulwich.

The Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome welcome all who have an interest in helping ensure that this important London facility has a secure future.

We aim to:

Stimulate public interest in the Velodrome’s athletic history & heritage

Promote proposals for its regeneration and modernisation to create a regional centre of excellence for track cycling

Develop Herne Hill’s facilities as a focus for London’s cyclists

Realise the potential of the venue to offer inclusive and innovative cycling and active recreation facilities for Southwark & London while retaining a local focus